Strawberry Jam

Thoughts on the sweet and sticky of family life.


Strawberry Jam, two reasons…

When strawberry season rolls around, I sneak off to the nearest strawberry farm as often as possible and pick more strawberries than I can eat. But then with too many strawberries, I have to make jam, sometimes it comes out great, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s always a surprise.

When my kids were small I thought Strawberry Jam would make a great design label for a kids’ clothing or craft line. But not being able to sew and being what friends have called “craft delayed” nothing ever came of that fabulous name. Why is it fabulous you wonder? Well, I already mentioned my love of strawberries, but also J, A, and M are the first initials of each of my kids’ names, so, a perfect fit.

The blog is for school, an assignment for an English class, and yet who can resist a platform to tell stories about day to day life? Maybe it will be a story about my grown up kids, or my mom who only sometimes knows who I am, or it might be the dogs, cats or chickens, or even the neighbor’s escapee pig. Whatever the story subject, it’s just regular life stuff: the good, the hard, the sticky, the sweet.

One of the cats did this, knocked down two dozen eggs from the counter. I’d already cleaned half of them up when I took the picture. It’s sort of a sign of the times isn’t it?

This is what happens when you take a day off to try to finish your homework. On the upside, my kid baked another fantastic cake and made spaghetti for dinner. On the downside, a sink full of dirty dishes awaits.

Can you tell? The cat in the above picture, she’s not really feeling very enthusiastic about the dog. Her name is Kitten. She is the oldest of the animals at our house and would really like to be an only cat. Only by that she means all the rest of the animals should live somewhere else, not her! The other animals are invited to move on.

Kitten had the opportunity to be an only cat once. She didn’t like it, ran away, and spent a month in the wilds of Chapel Hill before being found hungry and thin. She sticks close to home these days and reluctantly puts up with her animal siblings.

Kitten reminds me of family life, that look on her face… do you ever look like that when you are with your family? Some days, family life is fantastic and some days, just put me in a basket with an “I love my people” embroidered on it and that look on my face!

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